All machinery is now in for servicing and repairs.

Another lawnmower will be bought as its essential to keep up to date with professional, reliable and efficient machines



Well that is all garden machinery dropped off at the mechanic’s for a much needed service and refurb,

Constant use certainly takes its toll on the machines and although it costs a fair amount for each service. its cheaper in the long run.

Dependability and safety is the No, 1 priority. 



A decent professional mower is invaluable and makes a huge difference in the quality of a cut. 





I have finished all the grass cutting jobs for the year and I should commence them again in March or April next year weather permitting.

Right now I’m concentrating on pruning shrubs etc, hedges and turning over the beds in preparation for Winter.



30/06/18 Still getting calls to give a first cut of the season. The grass may be excessively long but with care and regular cutting at the appropriate height it will improve somewhat.

Still getting calls to give a first cut of the season. The grass may be excessively long but with care and regular cutting at the appropriate height it will improve somewhat.

Posted by Lawns and Gardens on Saturday, 23 June 2018





A customer had applied some weed and feed on their lawn.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been spread evenly nor at the correct application dose.

It’s going to take some work to sort it out.





Planted some summer bedding for a customer. In a week or so the plants will spread and fill out the containers and provide a continuous display of flowers throughout the summer months.






A bit of lawn improvement today. The lawn had mosskiller and fertilizer applied 2 weeks ago. Today I scarified it.











I was asked for advice over this lawn. It was laid just over a year ago, but a large section of it is very sparse. On further investigation I found that the ground had not been prepared properly before turfing, thus causing poor root growth and therefore the grass plant has suffered. I have put forth a plan of action to remedy this and hopefully over time it should improve the lawn.
I would suggest before employing a contractor, check that they are qualified to do the job correctly. It can save a lot of money and effort in the long run.




Unfortunately I never won the auction. But I will keep looking and hopefully I will find another one soon.




I have put a bid on a cylinder mower on Ebay.

I used one for many years and nothing compares to them for creating the perfect lawn but they don’t suit all situations though. 

Fingers crossed I win the auction.





I spent a pleasant day scarifying a couple of lawns today in East Kilbride.

Scarifying at this time of year helps the lawn by removing thatch ie a layer of dead plant material as well as moss and some weeds. The benefits to the lawn will be seen in the coming season.

After scarifying, I will then apply a good lawn fertiliser.


PS Here is the same grass a few weeks later




Spring is in the air and its time to start thinking about getting the Garden into shape.


Now is the time to scarify your lawn. This helps remove moss and weeds as well as helps to aerate the soil.

Also, its a good time to apply a good quality Spring feed to the lawn.



Thankfully we are finally heading towards Spring and its time to get all my machinery ready for the coming year. I am getting quotes of around £45 per hour from lawnmower mechanics. Ouch!!

With having 5 machines that turns out quite expensive. But needs must.

Its necessary to have well maintained and reliable machines.





Well the Spring weather has made it a pleasure to be out and about.

I have managed to get a few lawns fed with a good quality fertiliser which will make a difference to its health and appearance.

The grass has been getting cut regularly and the beds have been forked over.

Unfortunately I have not managed to get everything pruned, but I will get there.

Happy gardening everyone.




One of my customers asked for the conifers  that were planted to the front of the house in the East End of Glasgow to be removed.

They were starting to block the light and view from the house as well as the roots would be growing and

expanding and may eventually cause problems to the house structure.





The front lawn was in a terrible state and a few simple treatments would cure this.





One of my new customers has asked me about this Rose. It is in a bit of a state as it is not really in the best site. It is a bit too shaded and a bit close to the fence. Also it needs a good pruning. First off remove any dead branches or twigs. Then cut it back to about the third outward facing bud. Pruning will help to promote new healthy growth. The ground also needs to be prepared and dug over with plenty of organic matter added.








I was working on this garden today.

It hasn’t been touched for a year, so I strimmed it and raked it twice.The grass is in poor shape and will need some TLC to get it looking good again, but with some care it will thicken and green up nicely. Plus it will only cost a few £££s – much less than turfing it again.



Well Spring will soon be with us.

Lets hope it is a dry one.


At this time of year we need to start thinking about checking your lawn-mower.

Make sure its working and that the blades are sharp.

If it has any issues consider putting it in for repair at a competent lawn-mower mechanic.


Also any pruning that is required gets done.


Turn over the beds and pull any weeds out.


If you have any trees or shrubs to plant that are “bare-rooted” then its best to get them planted soon whilst they are still in a dormant state.


Its still too early to fertilise the lawns, but if they are full of Moss consider scarifying them after applying a Mosskiller.