This lawn has been fertilised and selectively weedkilled, improving the turf.



Some Hedge cutting

A tall Conifer hedge









Start of the new growing season and we are now starting out lawncare program by scarifying

the lawns to help reduce moss, weeds and encourage the grass to flourish.




Giving some herbaceous perennial beds a tidy ready for the coming growing season.

The new growth has already started to come through.





Planting a Laurel Hedge. 

There was a light covering of snow which quickly melted.

These plants are bare rooted and now is the ideal time to plant them whilst they are dormant, but they will quickly get established

and start growing.




















A tidy up for a new customer.



Some Chionodoxa that were planted last year for a customer.
They give a nice bit of Spring colour.


Starting some maintenance on a new customers garden.








Cut a couple of hedges today.







We provide a complete garden maintenance service for both domestic and commercial premises





Scarifying – Removing thatch and moss from the lawn and allowing air in to the soil.





Grass cutting


Lawn Care




Tree and shrub removal







Jungle clearance



The following image shows grass that has been damaged by using a blunt blade when cutting the lawn. It has smashed the grass and damaged it rather than cutting it cleanly.


No description


A seasonal tidy up