Lawns and Gardens are happy to provide a Garden Maintenance Service to both Private or Commercial premises.

We provide regular Garden maintenance on a scheduled basis, or one off jobs as required.

Please check out the images on The Blog and Gallery pages to see some examples of our work.


LAWNCARE – A nice lawn can make a garden. 

To help you keep your lawn in shape, here are some of the services we can provide :


Lawn mowing  – We provide a regular grass cutting service or a one-off tidy up as required. Regular mowing is a must to keeping your lawn in good shape. An often overlooked aspect of mowing is cutting the grass at the correct height. If a lawn is cut too short, this can stress the grass and result in weeds, moss and disease taking over. 


Lawn treatments – There are many products available that can be found in garden centres but sometimes it’s hard to know how and when to apply them for the best effects.  

Maintaining a lawn takes more than just regular mowing.  Jobs such as scarifying the surface, moss control and removing persistent weeds are sometimes best left to a professional.

We can supply and apply fertilisers and lawn treatments throughout the year. Applying the correct treatment in the right season and at the correct concentration is essential whether using fertilisers or selective pesticides. 


Scarifying – We will scarify your lawn to reduce moss and weeds. Scarifying is often essential to reduce moss, thatch and an added benefit is it also helps aerate the soil which helps with root production of the grass.


Hollow tining – removal of cores of soil from the lawn that reduces compaction and allows air to get to the roots.


HEDGE CUTTING : We can provide regular trimming or a one off hedge reduction for all species of hedges, from Privet to Leylandii.


WEED CONTROL : Either using manual techniques or approved pesticides, we can control persistent weeds that blot your gardens’ appearance.


WEEDKILLING : using approved pesticides for paths and driveways, etc.


PRUNING : Regular pruning helps to keep your shrubs, roses etc healthy and of a manageable size.


TURFING : We can provide top quality turf and lay you a new lawn.


GARDEN CLEARANCE : We can clear unsightly overgrown gardens.